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Chaotic Platters

By Michael Toland, May 23, 2014, Music


Guilty of Everything (Relapse)

For an act this high on volume, Guilty of Everything betrays more interest in soothing than smashing. The Philly fourpiece's debut wraps crystalline melodies in a palliative blanket of fuzz and shoegazing psychedelia, but make no mistake: This ain't any dream-pop/black metal mélange called metalgaze. It's the real deal – eyes to the ground, tempos at a stroll, and the volume knob broken off. "Dig" and "Endlessly" drift like seagulls over the surf, wafting gorgeously through waves of gusting sonics, while "B&E" crashes against the jetty, sending spray up to the heavens. "Bent Nail" ups the tempo and hooks for the catchiest alt-rock tune to never rule early-Nineties radio. More assuage than assault, Nothing gives warm hugs really loudly. (Sun., June 1, Red 7)


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