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Reviewed by Luke Winkie, May 2, 2014, Music

Oneohtrix Point Never

R Plus Seven (Warp)

In his halcyon days, Brooklyn's Daniel Lopatin made desecrated incantations inspired by soundtracks to the cheesiest sci-fi films of 1979. He's nostalgia's bitter end, the harbinger of false memories, and now, a world-renowned musician. Check his score for The Bling Ring. He's certainly the only modern experimentalist being interviewed by ESPN. Seventh disc R Plus Seven works the way most Oneohtrix Point Never albums work: Vintage, caramelized synths make collages of freeware sounds. He builds a makeshift choir out of edits and pings on "He She," and "Problem Areas" sounds like demo mode on your mom's old Casio. It's amazing how natural this stuff comes to Lopatin. With every release he proves his idiosyncrasy. Nobody else in the world knows how to make an Oneohtrix Point Never album. (Fri., 11:30pm, Levitation Tent)


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