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Reviewed by Jim Caligiuri, April 18, 2014, Music

Clay McClinton

Bitin' at the Bit

Most second generation singer-songwriters (Colin Gilmore and Dustin Welch come to mind) aim to distance themselves from their makers. On his fourth disc, Clay McClinton doesn't shy away from his dad Delbert's influence. Instead, he revels in it to such a degree that the two can be indistinguishable at times. That makes the younger McClinton an imitator, right down to working with Gary Nicholson as a co-writer and producer, and echoing the same subject matter ("Stories We Can Tell," "Beer Joint"). Delbert even appears for a straight run through of his "Victim of Life's Circumstances." A half-hearted cover of Mickey Newbury's "Just Dropped In" seems incomplete, while a Tex-Mex rendering of Hank Snow's "Poison Love" throws sparks. Delbert's fans will find something to like here, but McClinton might consider getting out from under his old man's shadow the next time out.


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