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Reviewed by Luke Winkie, March 14, 2014, Music


Process (God Mode)

"Cuts Me in Half" opens with a blurting, red-alert alarm, the sound of someone cruelly bending a guitar to their will. Serrated cymbals (Rick Daniel) and manic screeches (Noah Kardos-Fein), Yvette stands as one of those New York duos that isn't afraid to get dirty every once in a while. The cold, foreboding world of post punk filters through the two-man wrecking crew, the sounds on Process summoned up from some macabre mechanical hell. This machine's bleeding to death. It's only 33 minutes, but it leaves the listener purple – proof that brutality can be catchy when provoked. The anti-human guitar squiggles on "Tempered Glass" spike through the brain, and gluttons for punishment won't be able to help coming back for more. Approach with caution. (10:30pm, Valhalla)


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