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Reviewed by Luke Winkie, March 14, 2014, Music

Les Claypool's Duo de Twang

Four Foot Shack (ATO)

This album is very dumb, but that almost makes it feel like Les Claypool won. Of course the famed Primus bassist made a weird, broken country album, and naturally it's the sonic equivalent of a bloopers soundtrack. Duo de Twang pairs Claypool with guitarist Bryan Kehoe for (surprise) bass-heavy songs with a ridiculous dosage of gooey heartland guitar squeal. On "Red State Girl," Claypool sings, "She's got tits like recycled bottles." There's not much more to say, really. Four Foot Shack provokes guffaws, in that hallucinogenic Claypool way, but its visceral blend of oddness and crassness leaves you with a stomach ache. Which is to say Duo de Twang fits perfectly into the Claypool canon.


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