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Reviewed by Chase Hoffberger, March 14, 2014, Music


Footprints on the Moon

Counting Killa Kyleon and Slim Thug, only eight MCs assist Doughbeezy on the 16 tracks of February mixtape Footprints on the Moon, the cauldron-hot southeast Houston rapper's first since 2012's Blue Magic. Considering the output of his contemporaries, that's nothing. That Doughbeezy's lightning-quick, nasal delivery is still welcome by track 15, "Bang Bang," a violent gunshot beat emptied over Nancy Sinatra remodeling, reinforces his appeal. "Lift[ing] Off" kills with bravado so twisted you'd need a shrink to break it down ("My flow so hard I got niggas tryna sign me, but first niggas gotta find me."). Doughbeezy "rolls a blunt as big as [his] thumb," exhaling rally cries ("I'm From Texas"), and heavy Houston artillery ("Tippin"). "I ain't rapping too fast. You just listening too slow." We're certainly listening. (11pm, Quantum Lounge)


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