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Free Week Live Shots Part II

Reviewed by Andy O'Connor, January 17, 2014, Music

Feral Future

Holy Mountain, Jan. 12

"People listen to me, James!" yelled frontwoman Arielle Sonnenschien toward the end of Feral Future's demonstration Sunday at Holy Mountain. Whoever "James" is, he obviously didn't see the line of girls in the front row empowered by the local punk quartet's aggressive feminism and infectious stage presence. Guitarist Stephanie Mueller can transition from wiry hooks to unhinged chaos seamlessly, and Sonnenschien matches that versatility with smartass singing and riotous swinging. While the audience waned compared to other Free Week notables at Holy Mountain, they weren't just coming in off the street looking for cheap entertainment. Sonnenschien and a fan got close and sang to each other during "No Means Nothing," which demonstrates the kind of intimacy that attracts people to punk. With a full-length debut out next month – Haematic on Western Medical Records, which also released EP Come Out Swinging – this show and their appearance with Perfect Pussy last month at Mohawk promised Feral Future's breakout inevitability. Scuzzy Oklahoma City punks Glow God didn't tread their My War influence too far into sludge metal, and were as much of a draw as Feral Future. Repeat this bill when midterms become too much to bear, and this could be an electrifying tandem.

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