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The Boxing Lesson

Box sets grow up and out

By Andy O'Connor, December 20, 2013, Music

Cannibal Corpse

Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal (Metal Blade)

Cannibal Corpse remains the gold standard of death metal. Buffalo's gore kings have amassed a dozen studio spatters since 1990, all housed in the 14-CD Dead Human Collection, which includes a live set from 2010 Tampa on both digital and vinyl formats. Skulking fans likely own swathes of the original editions, but spring this on a uninitiated extremist that loves Metalocalypse, whose George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, Cannibal Corpse's current huffer, inspired Dethklok frontman Nathan Explosion. Prints for each of Vincent Locke's horrific LP covers come included and define the band as much as churning violence and misogyny. The cover to 1992's Tomb of the Mutilated, death metal's most prominent display of cunnilingus, would look nice framed. Notable is the inclusion of the original artwork for The Bleeding, depicting a legion of floating zombies, previously only available on rare vinyl releases of the album. Lyrics are also included on the back of the prints, for when you want to recite "Butchered at Birth" at a baby shower. The 2013 calendar arrived outdated even in March, but death metal types love their remains.

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