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Sunday Fun Fun Fun Fest Blurbs

November 8, 2013, Music


1:20pm, Orange stage

Santa Monica threepiece Cayucas has a crush. Bigfoot, the band's debut on Secretly Canadian, is preoccupied with a particularly ensnaring lady, or perhaps it's just Vampire Weekend. Despite the California homebase, twins Zach and Ben Yuden, along with drummer Casey Wojtalewicz, tap into the East Coast prep vibes made famous by the Columbia grads. – Abby Johnston

The Polyphonic Spree

2:20pm, Orange stage

This summer's Yes It's True, the fifth LP from Dallas' symphonic pop choir, was inconsistent and too wedded to postmodern platitudes. And yet the Polyphonic Spree never fails to deliver anything less than an A-plus live set, frontman Tim DeLaughter wedding acid-test visuals to his middle-aged messianic urges. Just don't listen too closely to the lyrics. – Melanie Haupt

The Men

2:40pm, Black stage

Brooklyn's Men might be the best live indie band in America right now, with three critically acclaimed LPs in as many years: Leave Home, Open Your Heart, and New Moon. Yet the noise-rock quintet has a softer side too. New unplugged EP, Campfire Songs, recalls Neil Young's On the Beach – if it had been recorded oceanside on an all-night bender. – Austin Powell


3:20pm, Blue stage

The king of the YouTube remix. It's a beautiful thing in 2013, that some kid from Orlando can upload his own home-baked electronic tunes. Marcel Everett turned 18 on Halloween, but he's quite unironically in demand. No surprise: His music stocks the deliciously unbalanced beatmaking that might be the voice of a generation right now. – Luke Winkie

Cloud Nothings

3:40pm, Black stage

"I thought I would be more than this." That line, screamed in 10 short bursts to bring "Wasted Days" to its cathartic close, will turn your day upside down. Every time. It's one of many highlights on Cloud Nothings' 2012 breakthrough, Attack on Memory, a brutal LP that pairs early emo vulnerability with post-hardcore aggression. A new disc is reportedly happening. – Austin Powell


4:15pm, Blue stage

Meet one of the prime purveyors of slow-cooked, alien R&B. A producer at heart, but desperately in love with the late Aaliyah, Henry Laufer will make his MPC croon. 2011 debut LP Bad Vibes still stands as one of the L.A. scene's finest exodus in chill-out bliss. Keep your heart open, and it might all make sense. – Luke Winkie

Jurassic 5

8:45pm, Blue Stage

Jurassic 5 burst on the scene in the late Nineties, positioning themselves as an antidote to the slick production and perceived fakery of mainstream hip-hop. J5 brought a refreshing blend of playful harmonies, catchy hooks, and a promise to "take it back to the concrete streets." Over the course of three LPs, the six-man crew has done just that, proving the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. – Thomas Fawcett

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