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Saturday, 8:45pm, Black stage

By Greg Beets, November 8, 2013, Music

Descendents drummer and noted coffee enthusiast Bill Stevenson has a full cup for this year's Fun Fun Fun Fest. Besides his pioneering South Bay pop-punk quartet, Stevenson's bashing skins for Black Flag offshoot Flag and revived garage-pop progenitors the Last. This is a man who drummed in Descendents and Black Flag concurrently for a brief mid-Eighties stint.

"The really funny thing is that when I was actually doing that with both bands, I'm pretty sure I was also taking 21 units in college," recalls Stevenson.

Descendents emerged in the late Seventies from a web of adolescent neighborhood friendships, with original guitarist Frank Navetta, who died in 2008, charting the initial course.

"He would tell you it was just our neighborhood, which was the Last combined with some of the other local things that were going on in L.A. – like the Germs and X. Then of course the Ramones and things like the Stooges, the Kinks, and the Seeds."

This is Descendents' second Fun Fun Fun sailing. The first was in 2010 to replace Devo, who cancelled after guitarist Bob Mothersbaugh injured his hand. Although reunion dates were already in the works, Descendents played FFF on just days' notice.

"Who replaces Devo?" asks Stevenson. "Well, nobody replaces Devo, but there is this band that's arguably just as nerdy, so I think that's how that happened."

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