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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Tim Stegall, July 19, 2013, Music


No More, No Less (Flak Records)

If you've been hoping Eighties roots rockers Lone Justice would reunite with the sound of their first album and some added power-pop, Utley3 have made a disc to thrill your soul. Actually, No More, No Less would excite anyone who spent the Nineties at the Hole in the Wall; among the Austin vets staffing this local trio is drummer Steve Chapman, whose former Texas Instruments virtually defined Drag-bound bands. Singer and guitarist Cordy Lavery shows off a rich, bruised, all-in vibrato and some solid spank-and-twang axe work, ably supported by Chapman and bassist Shannon Rierson's nimble rhythmic thump. Fellow HITW fixture Cris Burns lends sparkling, minimalist production and no unnecessary bells and whistles. No More, No Less thus captures a bar band with some smart songs and the good sense to cover the Everly Brothers' superb thumper "Price of Love." File that under joyful romp.


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