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Reviewed by Jim Caligiuri, February 15, 2013, Music

Dustin Welch

Tijuana Bible (Super Rooster)

It's taken Dustin Welch nearly four years to release the second installment of his proposed debut trilogy. He spent that time shaping the songs on Tijuana Bible into something distinct, yet with a tendency towards themes and sounds similar to those on his bow Whisky Priest. The songs aren't overtly religious or even spiritual. Instead, his songs bear a Southern Gothic edge, and he succeeds with a palette of sounds ranging from forcefully Celtic and windblown rock to deeply introspective. As with his first disc, a plethora of local talent assists Welch. Besides producer Eldridge Goins, there's Bukka Allen, Trisha Keefer, Jeremy Nail, and Drew Smith, which makes the album a fair representation of Austin's root sound. Except for seasick pirate rant "Lost at Sea," Welch shares perpetually riveting stories including twangy anthem "Party Girl," a floating "St. Lucy's Eyes," and the devilishly stomping title track.


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