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Texas Platters Finale

One last 2012 local music roundup

Reviewed by Luke Winkie, December 28, 2012, Music


Jack Parker, Davie Murray, Jonah Holt, and Curtis Pierce are Tump, a big, chunky blues-rock outfit with plenty of meaty guitar hooks. Tump turns up fun music: sloppy drum fills, Parker's desperate-sexy whine, and dusty guitar snarls on boozy stomps ("Love My Death") and frantic, fiery, bang-it-out desperado ballads ("Creepy Liver"). That "they played that faggy jazz only New York fags play" is a little troubling, especially on a song called "Faggy Jazz." It's one of those rare moments when dumb fun coalesces into something ugly. There's a fine line between reveling in honest Southern pride, and simply looking like an asshole. Tump don't always end up in the right, but they're having fun. Focus on that and everything else falls into place.


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