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Fun Fun Fun Fest Friday Reviews

Reviewed by Greg Beets, November 2, 2012, Music

Municipal Waste

The Fatal Feast (Nuclear Blast)

Wallowing unabashedly in the blackened gross-out humor endemic to sweaty man-boys who've spent too much time cooped up in a van together, Municipal Waste steers its thrash revivalism clear of pastiche. The Richmond, Va., quartet makes all the cuts, but does so in a fundamentally good-natured manner, ignoring crossover hardcore's more lockstep extremes. Following a David Cronenberg-style instrumental intro that whets the appetite for straight-to-video gore, The Fatal Feast flails forward with the professional bounty hunter creed "Repossession." If the hairpin tempo shifts of "New Dead Masters" don't hook you, its flesh-eating zombie plotline will. "Covered In Sick/The Barfer" details the underside of overindulgence, while Ryan Waste's plaster-cracking guitar solo on "Authority Complex" transcends its old-school pedigree with strategic placement. Don't let the beer cans and boner jokes fool you – no one's asleep at the wheel here. (Fri., Black stage, 3:40pm)


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