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Fun Fun Fun Fest Preview: Explosions in the Sky

By Austin Powell, November 2, 2012, Music

Explosions in the Sky

Sun., 7:55pm, Orange stage

Four acts that helped fuse ATX's ascension instrumentalists.

Nina Simone

"Sometimes I get punch drunk listening to her," says guitarist Munaf Rayani. "She's so good at hitting all the right notes. I made a mix of about 15 songs that lasted right about an hour, and we let it run. The guys knew about her, but they weren't really familiar with her music. About midway through, I could see their reactions from just having her voice wash over them."

Pink Floyd

"I really love the whole grand conceptual scheme of The Wall," offers guitarist/bassist Michael James. "That was something that we were talking a lot about at the time [of making 2011's Take Care, Take Care, Take Care], thematic elements recurring throughout an album. To me, that's the best example of it."


"That's the probably our biggest shared influence," admits triad axe-grinder Mark Smith. "I love how they switch it up every time. They're so reactionary, and they take so many risks that you almost forget they're the biggest rock band in the world. Kid A just blew us away."


"The thing that's always been amazing to me about Fugazi is their ability to have really energetic rock songs, but they're just totally weird," enthuses drummer Chris Hrasky. "Nothing reminds me of them. They're one of the best ever at making that work, being very engaging but very experimental at the same time, especially as they went on."

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