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Reviewed by Austin Powell, June 29, 2012, Music


Resonating Symphony (Indierect)

Belaire was last seen in 2011 local music documentary Echotone, carefully hand-printing and decorating copies of its proper 2007 debut, Exploding Impacting. That DIY aesthetic and attention to detail goes a long way toward explaining the splendor of the band's follow-up, and perhaps why it took so long to arrive. Cari Palazzolo proves a one-woman girl group, layering her coy vocals and keyboards to dizzying effect, while Voxtrot rhythm section of bassist Jason Chronis and drummer Matt Simon provide the ideal summer bounce. Much of Resonating Symphony sounds cut from the same cloth as Exploding Impacting, yet with an emphasis on breezy tropicalia ("This Could Take All Night"), the twee pop of K Records ("Technicolor Beaches"), and, as the title suggests, symphonic elements ("Pick Up the Pieces"). As the instrumentals "KT Boundary (Part 1)" and closing "Cloud Mountain Suite" reiterate, Belaire just crafted its own soundtrack.


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