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Reviewed by Margaret Moser, April 6, 2012, Music

Walter Tragert

A Single Drop of Rain

A Single Drop of Rain picks up where the rootsy soulfulness of 2004's Lousy With Desire left off and bests it with Tragert's trademarks: barroom rock ("Red Wine Romeo") and joyous, exuberant soul pop ("Get It Back"). Tragert possesses a supple, muscular, commanding vocal style ("My Dear Eileen") that really demands a challenge, so let's just cut to the chase. The closing track, "Don't Rule Me Out," totally kicks ass. It's the kind of song you want to hear over and over, on disc and live, maybe warmed by a beer and with that person for whom there's another flashing chance at bliss. Tragert offers his heart with a caveat: "If you're looking for some of kind of sweet affection, just take my name and cross it out/But if you've got love in mind when you're making your selection, don't rule me out." Men are canny in writing about love, but Walter Tragert reminds us Valentine's Day isn't just for February.


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