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SXSW Saturday International Bands

March 16, 2012, Music

Denmark: You Gave the World Nicklas Bendtner

by Michael Bertin

Reptile Youth (Fri., 8:50pm, the Madison)

Née Reptile & Retard, this is Denmark's Radio 4.

Thee Attacks (Sat., 8pm, 512 Rooftop)

There's not an original thing about this incredible, derivative, early Sixties garage rock, which is to say it's absolutely awesome.

Fallulah (Sat., 10pm, Frank)

Geographically, Maria Apetri (aka Fallulah) is from Copenhagen, Denmark, but musically, she's all over the place, aping everyone from Enya to the Lookout! Records bands from the Nineties.

Thulebasen (Sat., 12mid, Frank)

Early Flaming Lips meets Black Mountain, female drummer.

Chllngr (Sat., 8pm, Karma Lounge)

Haven, the debut of the consonantly abundant Chllngr, was some type of dub as yet undefined until the subsubgenres fully populate. Suitable for trances.

Maggie Björklund (Sat., 8:20pm, Red Eyed Fly)

Last year's Coming Home is pedal-steel Southwestern sad.

The Interbeing (Thu., 9pm, Dirty Dog Bar)

Q: What, value your skull? A: Tech metal.

Teitur (Wed., 11pm, Beale Street Tavern)

For someone Faroese, Teirtur sounds remarkably American. Eef Barzelay with an accent.

The Foreign Resort (Wed., 9pm, Frank)

Thurston Moore, meet Robert Smith. Bob, this is Thurston.

I Got You on Tape (Wed., 12mid, Frank)

Joy Division meets Station to Station-era David Bowie. Not that they like each other.

Polska! (20 Hours Outta Warsaw) by Raoul Hernandez

by Raoul Hernandez

Paula & Karol (Thu., 11pm, Velveeta Room)

Warsaw label LADO ABC pools alumni into an English-folk-pop collective led by its titular couple on 2010 debut LP Overshare.

Twilite (Sat., 9pm, Stephen F's Bar)

Wroclaw acoustic/vocal duo – say Jose Gonzales & Garfunkel; sophomore disc Quiet Giant came out last year.

Coldair (Fri., 10pm, the Hideout)

Sopot's Polish/Norwegian freak folks, Kyst, who showcased last South by Southwest, loosen Warsaw-based Tobiasz Bilinski into a Coldplayish fivepiece on October's sophomore LP, Far South.

Moja Adrenaline (Thu., 10:10pm, the Jr)

Veteran, trebly, raw-edged "cold wave" Polish punk from Warsaw.

Touchy Mob (Fri., 10:10pm, the Madison)

Another Kyst connection in Ludwig Plath, whose desolate bedroom folk and techno is Berlin-based.

Texan Jazz

by Jay Trachtenberg

Robert Glasper Experiment (Thu., 10:30pm, Elephant Room) 

The terrific Houston pianist is equally adept in both jazz and hip-hop, as his new Blue Note album Black Radio clearly attests. The jazz band to see at South by Southwest.

Elias Haslanger (Fri., 10:30pm, Elephant Room)

Hard-blowing, award-winning saxophonist has long been a stalwart of the Austin scene.

Jeff Lofton (Fri., 8pm, Elephant Room)

The most visible jazzman in Austin, this fine trumpeter prides himself in his Miles Davis-inspired playing and project concepts.

Bett Butler & Joël Dilley (Sat., 8pm, Elephant Room)

San Antonio vocal/bass duo breathes new life into old standards with fresh arrangements and a flair for the exotic.

Kat Edmonson (Fri., 9:15pm, Elephant Room; Thu., 12:30am, St. David's Bethell Hall)

The charming singer has been dividing her time between Austin and NYC. She recently toured with Lyle Lovett and will highlight selections from her forthcoming release, Way Down Low.

Eighties Punks

by Kevin Curtin

Fear (Thu., 1am, Red 7 Patio)

Lee Ving's bad attitude is offensive, even to punks.

Cro-mags (Thu., 1am, Barbarella Patio)

These NYC tough guys pioneered hardcore music but haven't topped 1986's Age of Quarrel.

Off! (Sat., 10:40pm, Club de Ville)

Every member of Off! has been in an awe-some band (Redd Kross, Burning Brides), including Keith Morris, who was Black Flag's early vocalist and also founded the Circle Jerks.

The Nervebreakers (Sat., 8pm, Easy Tiger Patio)

This Dallas band opened for the holy trinity of the Sex Pistols, the Ramones, and the Clash, while its song "My Girlfriend Is a Rock" has persevered.

John Doe (Thu., 12mid, Continental Club)

After founding beloved Los Angeles band X and later the Knitters, John Doe has released a string of great, rootsy solo albums.

Finland/Iceland: Technically, Neither Is On the Scandinavian Peninsula

by Michael Bertin

Amoral (Thu., 9pm, Red 7 Patio)

Melodic, yes, but Finns make authentic metal with pointy guitars, Explorers, etc.

Lenno (Thu., 10:30pm, Speakeasy Kabaret)

Glo-fi teenager remixing the shit out of the Wombats, Foster the People, etc. He's also so young he probably needs a permission slip for South by Southwest.

Of Monsters and Men (Fri., 9pm, Stubb's)

Mumford & the Magnetic Zeroes. (OK, that's stolen.)

Retro Stefson (Sat., 12mid, Spill)

Talking Heads meets Yo Gabba Gabba! meets Return to Forever in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Ugliest Body Part?

by Greg Beets

Xray Eyeballs (Wed., 10pm, Hotel Vegas)

Nascent synth pop and ghoul rock collide over Brooklyn.

Wet Hair (Wed., 1am, the Whiskey Room)

Iowa art-rock duo channels Flying Nun's darker legacy with winsome sturm und drone.

Puffy Areolas (Wed., 1:20am, Valhalla)

Cleveland reprobates grab you fast with gloriously unhinged punk-rock distortion.

Supreme Dicks (Thu., 8pm, Mohawk)

Influential Eighties lo-fi noise collective from Amherst, Mass., reunited behind a new Jagjaguwar 4-CD retrospective.

Hooded Fang (Thu., 9pm, Swan Dive)

Toronto quartet cultivates a sweet buzz connecting Sixties garage rock to noise pop.

Crooked Fingers (Fri., 10:45pm, Frank)

Now based in Athens, Ga., Archers of Loaf guitarist/vocalist Eric Bachmann plies pensive, rough-hewn Southern pop with his onetime side project.

Bestial Mouths (Sat., 9pm, Hotel Vegas)

Industrial-strength melding of neo-gothic noise and tribal thunder from Los Angeles.

Squareheard (Sat., 10pm, Friends)

This wistful Dublin, Ireland, indie-pop trio augments its sunny confections with a spot-on rendition of the Everly Brothers' "Cathy's Clown."

Hands & Teeth (Sat., 11pm, 512 Rooftop)

With home-recorded debut LP Hunting Season, this Toronto fivepiece embodies the nobler aspects of indie-pop collectivism.

Nova Heart (Sat., 9pm, 512)

Beijing-based Helen Feng's Eighties-leaning electronic dance beats provide a perfect foil to her lush vocals.

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