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Reviewed by Adam Schragin, March 16, 2012, Music


Transmalinnia (Knitting Factory)

Call it space rock or progressive, but the creation of San Francisco band Lumerians' first album is deliberately and unavoidably couched in the psychedelic aesthetic. Transmalinnia has that dirty organ sound and echoey vocals that are de rigueur for the genre, but thankfully we're not just left with another passable addition for the glowing pile. There's a command of mood and tempo here, and Transmalinnia also surprises with a grab bag of interesting sounds and versatile sonic textures. Intro "Burning Mirrors" has a locked-down, mesmerizing bass groove, but then the disc moves into less deliberately anxious compositions with "Melting Space" and "Atlanta Brook." Lots of booming floor toms and a Farfisa organ are to be expected in any neo-psych, but Lumerians also opts for a flute in "Calalini Rises" and pretty synthesizers in "Gaussian Castles." Those are the kind of curveballs you wish more backward-looking bands would think to throw. (Sat., 8:25pm, the Iron Bear)


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