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ACL Music Fest Saturday Reviews

Reviewed by Jim Caligiuri, September 16, 2011, Music

Black Dub


Aside from producing U2, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young, Daniel Lanois is a notable guitarist and songwriter. His new project includes multi-instrumentalist/singer Trixie Whitley, daughter of the late modern bluesman Chris Whitley, and the adventurous rhythm section of drummer Brian Blade and bassist Daryl Johnson. Dub, a dreamy form of reggae, is the stepping-off point for the quartet, which here often leans heavily on tired blues and soul clichés. One song is titled and endlessly repeats the fatigued "I Believe in You." When all cylinders are firing, however, like "Ring the Alarm," a psychedelic jazz-rock fusion suite, and "Slow Baby," bedeviling blues, the results can be transcendent. Lanois' spiritual side emerges on the gospel reggae "Canaan," a tune that neatly draws the connection between New Orleans and Jamaica and back. A glimmer of a noble experiment, Black Dub should and could be much more. (3:15pm, Austin Ventures stage)


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