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Reviewed by Audra Schroeder, December 24, 2010, Music


Larger Than Human

Megafauna's debut sits at the intersection of 1970s rock and 1990s noise, idling in the land of ice and snow and burnt rubber. Larger Than Human seats a wild ride of whiplash tempo changes and dizzying rhythms by the local trio, from the menacing thump of opener "Hug From a Robot" through shred-a-delic closer "Sign Says." In between, the more ethereal "Silver Lining" and "Speck" offer a change of scenery, but singer/guitarist Dani Neff never lets up on the throttle. For all the rhythmic cliffs and axe-grinding, her vocals don't match – they're more like smoke in the air – so she lets her solos melt faces instead, plus drummer Cameron Page and bassist Will Krause are the perfect net for Neff's guitar acrobatics. Larger Than Human's got lots of culs-de-sac and one-way streets, but it's best at high speeds.


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