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Golden Moments

Golden Boys discography

By Audra Schroeder, November 12, 2010, Music

Scorpion Stomp #2

(Hook or Crook, 2005)

The Golden Boys' debut as a trio – Coleman, guitarist/singer Matt Hoopengardner, and drummer James Arthur – remains the template for the group's sound: rough-and-tumble Texas rock & roll full of uppers and downers. Coleman's howl on "Goodbye Woman" makes your gums bleed with heartbreak. A cover of Lee Hazlewood's "Cold Hard Times" is the two-day hangover.


Whiskey Flower

(Emperor Jones, 2007)

Expanded to a quintet, the Coleman/Hoopengardner songwriting split gives the group's second LP a tonal balance. The Boys divulge a fondness for 1970s Memphis with softer touches like Coleman's Big Star-ish "La La Birdie," guest starring local fiddler Ralph White, evening out head rushes like opener "Yankee Dollar."


Goodbye Country

(Monofonus, 2008)

With album No. 3, the group focuses more on structure, improving hooks and melodies, and enlisting Ross Johnson, former drummer for Memphis tango-punk Tav Falco, to commit their boozy brilliance to liner notes: "They were and are uncaring in the best sense of the word." "Mine Like a Diamond," "Shortcut to Memphis": pure 1970s gold.


Thee Electric Wolfman

(Daggerman, 2009)

The opening title track sounds like Dr. John summoning swamp voodoo, which is fitting since Gris Gris frontman Greg Ashley guests on it. There's VU on "Plainsman's Lament," while "Rock With Me Forever" confirms the Golden Boys as Roky Erickson's sonic sons. Again, they change up their sound slightly but keep the spirit, a neat trick Coleman employs solo.


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