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Reviewed by Doug Freeman, October 15, 2010, Music

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Zilker Park, Oct. 10

Few bands could provide the rejuvenation of a Sunday afternoon ACL crowd like Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. With Oz's Emerald City serving as backdrop, the ragtag guild emerged 11-strong while stomping out "40 Day Dream" as frontman Alex Ebert flung himself in a barefoot dervish about the stage and up against the fans. "You motherfuckers make me want to sing," he proclaimed from atop a monitor before launching into the horn-blared "Janglin'" and an epic jam of "Up From Below." In fact, every tune took extended turns into joyous jams, with the band only making it through eight in their hour allotment. Jade Castrinos played pixie to Ebert's shaman, the former's fey charm belying her smoky, Cat Power-ish vocals as the latter rambled over "Carries On" and "Come in Please" with mystically chanted digressions like Jim Morrison reborn as Devendra Banhart. After surfing through the crowd, a horse and out-of-breath Ebert led the audience through the frolicking exuberance of "Home," bringing fans onstage and unleashing the song as if for the first time, his and Castrino's chemistry seeping into everyone around them. Magnetic.

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