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Reviewed by Margaret Moser, May 29, 2009, Music

Floramay Holliday

Dreams (Roseneath Records)

For her third LP in a 15-year career, Austin's Floramay Holliday might be expected to high-step it a little more, but Dreams errs on the side of caution. That's not saying she doesn't get her licks in. It's just that the gumption of "Things You Do" and "Coffee" are the Holliday you want more of. Still, originals "Momma's Motorcycle" and "Girl's Night" deliver the twangy Everywoman anthems that Nashville loves amid Holliday's glossier feminine themes ("Rainbows," "Something to Tell You"), superficiality reflected in the CD packaging that focuses on photos of her looking perfectly lovely (sexy, alluring, pensive, etc.) again and again. A performer of wit and presence, Holliday sounds quite capable of hitting it out of the ballpark one of these days; for the moment, Dreams is only getting her to second base.


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