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Reviewed by Audra Schroeder, May 15, 2009, Music

Daniel Francis Doyle

We Bet Our Money on You (We Shot JR)

As a self-sufficient unit, drummer Daniel Francis Doyle has perfected a rhythmic sort of sing-speak to accompany his guitar loops and behind-the-kit spastics. His last two albums translated quotidian bedroom boredom into an art project – see how many layers can fit in an allotted space. Third LP opener "Old Lives" and "Street Stress" find him repeating the staccato drumming and shouts of his earlier work, but here Doyle tries out melody as well, slowing the tempo to allow more open space rather than cramming it all in. "Send You Away" is somber under Erik Hokkanen's strings, and Doyle's voice softens, as it does on piano ballad "Your Baby Is Speaking." It's an interesting direction and one that could work with a little fine-tuning. Thankfully, he unites the two halves of his brain on killer Casio-assisted closer "Always Calm."


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