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Reviewed by Audra Schroeder, January 23, 2009, Music

Business Deal Band Lotto

(Business Deal)

Business Deal's 2005 compilation followed a Top 40 format. Now, the local label's Lotto goes to the next level with the luck of the draw. Thirty-three names were placed in a hat, along with random instruments, out of which nine bands were formed. Each act wrote two songs based on topics also placed in a hat. The result is a diverse collection of weirdo pop culled from members of River City scenesters Cavedweller, Finally Punk, Shapes Have Fangs, Total Abuse, Pataphysics, Belaire, and more. Mystic Chainsaw serves up a lo-fi chunk of booty bass about baby fat, P.O.T.'s "Service the Eagle" is a delirious mash of dreamy pop, and Glowstick Mountain's "Grandma" is a sweet, kazoo-filled ode to the sexual preference of a member of the greatest generation. Closer "Suicide, the Band" proves the most unlistenable track here, but once again, Business Deal proves thinking outside the box can win the Lotto.


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