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ACL Live Shot

Reviewed by Chase Hoffberger, October 3, 2008, Music


Friday, Sept. 26, Zilker Park

By the time the sound issues harnessing N.E.R.D were resolved and new mics harnessed the chaos incited by the outfit's dual-drummer-fueled band, Pharrell Williams, decked in Nantucket Reds pants, white T, Freeway glasses, and red baseball cap, had already proven his superstar status. Sided by longtime buddy Shae Haley but missing Neptunes cohort Chad Hugo, Williams led an onslaught of Seeing Sounds cuts, blending hip-hop and rock music in a way that would've made Joe Strummer throw up a fist. Pleading "this is an event for the people," Williams and Haley brought the backstage crowd to the front, repping B-boys breaking and a 30-strong line of dancing girls as the two slapped lyrical stylings amidst a crowd of bouncing bikinis and heel-toeing cowboy boots.

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