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Texas Platters

Reviewed by Chase Hoffberger, September 19, 2008, Music


She's Dead (Down Rite Rotten)

Roll the tires, and light the fires, boys! She's Dead may not be rhythmically fit in the way 2000's Southern Devils coalesced Easy Jesus Coe's Pimpadelic with other trailer-park rap thrashers in Kid Rock mold. This time David Allan's nephew gets his hair metal on, ciphering Mötley Crüe crunch "out the trailer parks back in Saginaw" through Fort Worth junkie ballad "Plano Heroin." "Belly full of beers" or stuck with a busted chick, covering AC/DC's "Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be" is an outlook that must run in the family. Easy J's never more than a loogie's hawk away from his uncle's twisted dreads, "I'll Never Change" professing "he means a hell of a lot to me, D.A.C." Take the advice of one Mysterious Rhinestone Cowboy at the jump: "Get some whiskey, pump it up, smoke it up." Pimpadelic's got the mojo to "Move Any Mountain," long as the almighty rock riff abides.


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