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Reviewed by Audra Schroeder, August 1, 2008, Music


Live at Room 710

Yes, Hug at Room 710. The locals' post-peyote musical spasms certainly sound offensive on album, but a live performance is much more entertaining, because Hug is, if anything, a visual beast (that includes Chronicle photographer John Anderson). This recording, from February 2007, looks like something cable access would air at 3am, which is the best way to try to channel and absorb the trio's wigged, puerile, WTF-punk humor. Who could forget such classics as "Shit Sex" and "Pussy Bomb"? And now, you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home. Be warned: During one song, there's a shot of a dancer's fake alien vagina-looking thing that's more genuinely perplexing than Hug's reggae spoof "Smoke Marijuana." Yes, the hits are all here, and you will be mildly unsettled.

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