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Reviewed by Chase Hoffberger, May 23, 2008, Music


Tomorrows Friend (Blue Room)

Clemits' decision to include a themed Almost Famous phone conversation between Lester Bangs and William Miller as the outro to his album hints at the obvious: The Austin rapper's not cool. The "least liked, most lovable character" ("Whut chu' got to Lose?"), once involved with the Gorilla Broadcast Crew and currently an MSG Crew member, is okay with that. With raps in homage to beatnik writers ("Keroac") and cable television ("I'm Brainwashed (The TV Song)") alike, the unassuming Midland native's second solo effort proves, over subtle pianos on "Open Season," that he's "not afraid to be himself." The result blends suitably with a "Clean Slate" of melodic, Andrew Eckerson beats in the mold of Delicious Vinyl's mid-1990s recordings, highlighted by the J. Dilla-inspired "Love Is Like Drugs."


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