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Reviewed by Darcie Stevens, May 23, 2008, Music


Bright Blue Dream (Autobus)

Bill Baird's a scientist. He mixes potions; he toys with the space-time continuum. He's a bit mad, jostling around like a loose centrifuge and viewing the world through a prism. Sunset, the local mass headed by Baird and comprising all members of Sound Team as well as a healthy portion of the Tonewheel Collective, presents something of an art exhibition on its third disc, different voices and different sounds, from the space age of "Dear Broken Friend" to the rustic comfort of "Old Sandy Bull Lee." Vocals become instruments ("I Love My Job"), classical jumps ship ("Golden Reverie"), and analog always rules the day. There's the short ("T.V.s That Were His Eyes") and the sweet ("Bright Blue Dream"), Baird scared of neither. When all's said and done, Bright Blue Dream's strength is in bouncy, underwater pop nuggets, and "Diamond Studded Caskets" is the best thing this side of Sound Team.


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