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Reviewed by Melanie Haupt, February 15, 2008, Music

Jeff Tracy

Moments in Time (Aardvark)

Jeff Tracy, singer and guitarist for local pop polishers Blue Cartoon, has placed his friends in an awkward position with this solo effort. Imagine: "How do I like your record? Oh, um. Have you lost weight? New glasses?" In other words – and this means you, Austinites at large – just because you can put out an album doesn't mean you should. Moments in Time sounds canned, tinny, uninspired. The pretty, Beatles-inspired harmonies of "When You Said Goodbye" are ruined by extra-cheesy synthesizer, and "Target" is nondescript enough to be the soundtrack for a bad, low-budget 1980s comedy. Tracy hits some sort of stride with the pleasant, almost New Wave feel of "Out of the Blue" and the sepia-toned nostalgia of "Sundown in Smallville." Too bad they're at the end of Time.


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