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Reviewed by Margaret Moser, February 15, 2008, Music

Marshall Styler

A Face in the Clouds

Quick, name Austin's ex-rocker who traded stardom to become Texas' New Age king. If you didn't name Marshall Styler, that's okay: Few people remember his wild years as Duke Jupiter's vocalist, but astute locals will recognize his canny talent on the keyboards. With five other conceptual instrumental recordings under his belt, Styler turns from holidays and trilogies to A Face in the Clouds, a melodic tribute inspired by the many colors and emotions of Austin. The loveliness of songs such as "Morning Hyde Park," "Ballerina on the Bridge," and "Walking Mansfield Dam" lies in their peaceful and unobtrusive nature, music designed for contemplation, relaxation, and for filling the iPod when gardening, walking, or sacking out in your favorite living-room chair. New Age music gets a bad rap, ostensibly for its vacuousness, but there's nothing shallow about Marshall Styler's work. It's as alluring as the sky itself.


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