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Reviewed by Audra Schroeder, February 15, 2008, Music

School Police

II (Non)

Some of the instruments listed on School Police's II include hair iron, tambourine, scream, and Speak & Spell. This throw-it-all-against-the-wall approach drives the Austin quartet's instrumental musical chairs. Featuring vocals from members of the Hunnies and Belaire, II packs 27 songs into the group's third album, integrating a handful of genres. A glowing "Sunburn" veers between pop and reggae ("My bathing suit's running for the Senate"), evolving from SP's dub-infused debut, Grow Yr Hair; "Wooden Trampoline" lilts with breezy conga and a whistling solo; and "On the River (She Was Born)" creeps slowly up the embankment through a shudder of reverb. Elsewhere, songs pick up speed on "Kickapoo," on which singer Wakey Share channels Stephen Malkmus, and the pop-punk "Dirty Razorblade." "Time Can" and "Baby Panther" bring it all back around to sweet acoustic melodies. For 27 songs, most of it sticks.


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