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Reviewed by Audra Schroeder, August 24, 2007, Music

Storm the Tower

Sound on Sound, Aug. 19

It was just another Sunday night at the record store, just another local band playing its final show. After seven years, a few 7-inches, and a couple of tours together, trio Storm the Tower has called it quits. As bassist Jason "Jug" Costanzo, owner of North Loop's vinyl haven Sound on Sound, can tell you, it's not easy touring and running a store. So Sunday night's packed "farewell" was all about throwing down seven years into roughly 30 minutes, and the pungent commingling of sweat, vinyl, beer, and other best-left-unidentified smells only added to the frenzy. After equally bruising sets from Manikin (one of Austin's best bands, hands down) and Signal Lost (also going on hiatus), Storm the Tower's three-part thrash-and-burn scorched the earth. This is what a punk show is supposed to be like: Beers were spit in the air, pits were formed and touched down like tornadoes, people were picked up and tossed down feet away, and fists were pumped. Singer/guitarist Chris Pfeffer howled unintelligible lyrics to a crowd three feet from his face. "Storm the shower!" someone hollered. "Hey, who was at Storm the Tower's first show?" asked Party Garbage drummer Ben Snakepit, suddenly at the mic. "The punk rock scene you know and love would not be what it is without these three dudes." With that sentimental gesture, Snakepit became lead screamer for one final grind. After the last song, there were cheers for more, but they admitted they don't know any. Just perfect. Costanzo attempted to sum it up with a laugh: "Thanks ... um, thank you all. ... Now get out of my store." See y'all at the reunion show.

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