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Reviewed by Doug Freeman, August 10, 2007, Music

The Breathers

I'm Still Curious

Although the Breathers have transformed their supporting cast since 2003's Work and Sleep debut, Claire Hamilton's captivating vocals remain the hallmark of the band, trimmed now to a primary trio with Bill Doughty and Li'l Cap'n Travis' Gary Newcomb. The more spacious yet controlled arrangements exhale a sensuousness that allows Hamilton's sultry moans to roam freely and linger within the unfolding swells of pedal steel and melodica. "Tonight Is Open" and the title song tread in Cat Power's soulful tracks, compensating for Chan Marshall's sharper songwriting with a more confident range, while the bluesy swagger and staccato delivery of "No Reason" smolder with the fire of Fiona Apple. Only "Why Don't You Just Come Over" reflects the more aggressive moments from Work and Sleep, and though conspicuously off-pace with the rest of I'm Still Curious, it still proves Hamilton can seduce as much with force as she can with soul.


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