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By Melanie Haupt, August 3, 2007, Music

Four local families, selected on the basis of their status as music lovers who don't shy away from brutal honesty, were asked to give some of the Rockabye Baby! CDs a spin and provide their feedback.


Mom of Will, age 1

The U2 and Ramones CDs are good baby-rocking music. Will responded well to both and fell asleep fast both nights! Don't know if I'd buy the CD myself, but I thought it was a cute gift idea. I got several lullaby CDs as gifts when I had Will (Celine Dion to name one), and I would have much preferred to get one of these. The concept is very Austin.


Dad of Ellie, age 2

I think Björk could have kicked out a better lullaby album, but hey, I like Björk to begin with. Although Ellie didn't seem to like the Radiohead one as much ("Off! Off! Offfffff!"), it really works as a lullaby album. I never realized that under the layered, droning guitars, there's such a floaty melody just begging to be reinterpreted with tinny-sounding chimes and bells.


Mom of Grace, age 5, and Fiona, age 2

I responded to the music by turning it off after listening to several songs on each CD. All I can say about them is "blech." I thought that the Eagles songs adapted to lullaby music better than Queens of the Stone Age, which really just didn't sound very good. My kids started to sing other songs when the CDs were playing. I would buy the CDs only if I knew that the parents were really into a particular band. Otherwise, I think it's just a gimmick.


Mom of Ellie, age 2

I liked the Björk and Radiohead CDs, but not because they reminded me of the original artists. They were just mellow and nice. Ellie was OK with one playing in the evening as we were getting her ready for bed, but during the day when we were playing, she told me to turn it off. I might buy one now that I've heard it. I definitely preferred them to traditional lullaby music.


Dad of Will, age 1

I thought the songs on the Led Zeppelin and Nirvana CDs were very well done in keeping the true sound of the music while providing soothing tunes for my kiddo. I liked the idea that Will was being exposed to some good rock & roll without blowing his eardrums. Initially, I thought I would have bought the CDs as a gift but not for myself. However, the more I listen, the more I think I would buy them for myself as well.


Dad of Andy, age 6, and Ethan, age 2

The fact that most Beatles songs boil down to catchy, simple, and upbeat melodies translates well to the glockenspiel, vibraphone, and mellotron. The Pink Floyd versions capture the melancholy and detachment of the originals, but they lose a great deal when stripped of the lyrical narrative. The Green Day songs don't really feel like lullabies, and I'm uncertain how much they would do to relax an infant. Besides, you better watch yourself singing along with this one, else you find yourself with some explaining to do when they start talking.

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