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Reviewed by Darcie Stevens, March 16, 2007, Music

Field Music

Tones of Town (Memphis Industries)

Ever wonder what would happen if the Futureheads' post-punk infectiousness was abducted by the carnivalesque mindfuck of Yes? The answer is Field Music, Sunderland, England's premier(e) dance-prog trio. While prog-rockers lean toward extended noodling, Field Music, with the exception of opening Roundabout "Give It Lose It Take It," sticks to the three-minute mark on its sophomore LP, integrating playful storytelling, capricious harmonies, and a little J.T.-style beat-boxing on "Sit Tight." The Brewis brothers David and Peter, the latter a founding member of Futureheads, and Andrew Moore ride staccato pop progressions through the title track and the super-British "A House Is Not a Home" but miss the mark on the more lethargic "Place Yourself." The real glory is in watching the trio pull it all off live, perfect harmonies and all. (Saturday, March 17, Beauty Bar Patio, 9pm)


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