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Reviewed by Michael Bertin, March 16, 2007, Music

Six Parts Seven

Casually Smashed to Pieces (Suicide Squeeze)

Coming together like continental drifts, Six Parts Seven's epic instrumentals coalesced into compositional soundscapes over the Kent, Ohio, group's first several studio releases. This culminated with 2004's stunningly subdued Everywhere and Right Here. The title of the band's latest suggests an upping of this intensity, but that's if you think the operative word is "smashed" and not "casually." It's not. The results choke under the weight of all the textures, too inert, too sedate. Smashed lacks the engagement that a more improvisational band like Japancakes communicates or the drama of an Explosions in the Sky. There's one bright spot in the percussive shuffle guitar and crescendo horns of "Stolen Moments." For the remaining 28 minutes of music, the best fate Smashed could accomplish is ending up on the soundtrack for a Zach Braff flick. (Friday, March 16, Maggie Mae's, 10pm)


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