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Reviewed by Greg Beets, January 26, 2007, Music

Tammany Hall Machine

Amateur Saw

Two years in the making, Tammany Hall Machine's second album reaffirms their penchant for full-bodied pop songs that evoke the delightful wooze of nostalgia. Though a large part of the Austin quartet's ability to connect comes from their yeomanly homage to forbears like the Beatles, Raspberries, and Pulp, the Machine has a quirk-laden charm all its own. Led by vocally affable pianist Joel Mullins, the quartet luxuriates in feel-good love fuzz on "You're All I Want From You" before utilizing clever wordplay and an undeniable horn arrangement to question the divine on "The Jesus Chrysler." "Farrah" is a mellowed-out glam paean to the allure of feminine vacuity that puts Mullins' falsetto through the motions with lyrics like, "She's got her legs up in the cloud/I got a cirrostratus upskirt." Slow-building ballad "There I Begin" maintains momentum right through to the album's final wane, ensuring maximum transistor bliss for fans of pop with a capital "P." (CD release: Friday, Jan. 26, Emo's Lounge and End of an Ear)


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