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Reviewed by Margaret Moser, July 21, 2006, Music

Los Lonely Boys

Sacred (Epic/Or Music/One Haven)

If Los Lonely Boys have their way, music will have to make room for a new genre: "Texican." That's the cross-cultural identity the San Angelo-based Garza brothers clutch in their collective fist, thrust like a Lone Star rosary to their audience. For their sophomore effort, Sacred, the multiplatinum Grammy winners seek to define Texican away from the derivative influences of Stevie Ray Vaughan and groovemaster Doug Sahm, taking a heavier cue from Carlos Santana. Ethereal leads and the ever-wonderful harmonies are the trademark of the 13 choice songs within – pop-laden, irresistibly danceable, and very ... well, Texican. That sound resonates throughout "Orale," "Oye Mamacita," and "Home," and witness opener "My Way," the well-named "Texican Style," and crooning "Roses." "I ain't got no diamonds, I ain't got no gold," sing the Garzas on "Diamonds," yet Sacred is tough and lovely like turquoise, gleaming and malleable like hammered silver. LLB's literal and figurative patrones both appear – accomplished Tejano musician Enrique Garza Sr. and Willie Nelson – giving blessings appropriately to "Outlaws." If Sacred doesn't walk on water like their major-label debut, it still transcends the earthly arena with sure footing. (LLB get "Sacred" at Stubb's along with Shawn Sahm's Tex Mex Experience, Saturday, July 22.)


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