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Mardi Gras Indian Tribes From New Orleans

By Margaret Moser, May 5, 2006, Music

Listed are more than 50 Mardi Gras Indian tribe names from in and around the New Orleans area. The oldest is Creole Wild West, founded in the 1800s. Some, like the Wild Squatoulas and Medallion Hunters, are no longer active. Others, such as Fi-Yi-Yi and Congo Nation, haven't yet reached their peak. If you're in the Crescent City during the Jazz & Heritage Festival this weekend, join the second line of their spectacular walk-around parades.

7th Ward Hard Headers

7th Ward Hunters

9th Ward Hunters

Bayou Eagles

Bayou Renegades

Black Eagles

Black Hawk Hunters

Black Feathers

Black Seminoles

Black 7th Hunters

Blackfoot Hunters

Carrollton Hunters

Cherokee Hunters

Cheyenne Hunters

Comanche Hunters

Congo Nation

Creole Osceola

Creole Wild West


Flaming Arrows

Geronimo Hunters

Golden Arrows

Golden Blades

Golden Comanche

Golden Eagles

Golden Sioux

Golden Star Hunters

Guardians of Flame

Indians of the Nation

Medallion Hunters

Mohawk Hunters

Morning Star Hunters

Red Hawk Hunters

Red White & Blue


Seminole Hunters

Seminole Warriors

Skull & Bones

Trouble Nation

Uptown Rulers

Westbank Indians

White Cloud Hunters

White Eagles

Wild Apaches

Wild Bogacheeta

Wild Magnolias

Wild Squatoulas

Wild Tchoupitoulas


Yellow Pocahontas

Young Brave Hunters

Young Hunters

Young Cheyenne

Young Monogram Hunters

Young Navajos

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