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Reviewed by Greg Beets, January 27, 2006, Music

Attic Ted

Hemogoblin (Pecan Crazy)

The masked marauders of San Marcos-bred Attic Ted are a warble-laden curiosity best experienced live and in your face. That said, Hemogoblin is an invigorating demonstration of the backhanded prowess that holds all their deep-fried layers of noise together. Dissonant strains of country, goth, punk, and psychedelic collide and bind to each other as they dance around the weathered nucleus of after-hours Central Texas freakdom. Organ wizard Grady Roper leads this fourth album charge like a stout-hearted parade marshal intent on playing and singing through the apocalypse until the last cockroach stops twisting. Appropriately, "Ring Goes the Phone" is just a bob and weave to the left of Manfred Mann's "Do Wah Diddy." When the quintet breaks out their Old World stomping shoes on "Reflextion" and "The Black Condor," you can almost imagine Attic Ted laying down the soundtrack for a Wild in the Streets-style mass dosing of New Braunfels' Wurstfest. Guitarist Wade Driver draws on his Hickoids pedigree with stark-raving twang on "Stilts," but Lance McMahon's burning bed of samples takes it even higher. The clincher is "Hopper's Encore," a lengthy instrumental approximating the death squeals of a videogame aboard a sinking ship.


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