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Reviewed by Audra Schroeder, November 4, 2005, Music

America Is Waiting

In the Lines (Wrong)

America Is Waiting has gone and done it now. While the general public is being blissfully distracted by the new Starbucks opening across from the old Starbucks and shiny phallic condos and a satanic Mega Wal-Mart with six heads, the Austin quartet went and put out an album that's gonna get everyone riled up. In the Lines is a doozy all right, what with lyrics about a shadowy government and human rights and the power of technology over man and political doublespeak. They blow the doors off songs like "Nothing Justifies" while wearing jugular-busting theatrics on the razor-sharp "Cut You." There's the buzz-sawing guitar and cold harsh reality of "The Virus Is Airborne" and knee-jerking weight of "The Guns Are Shaking." Then there's singer/guitarist Michael Riginio's saltwater and bleach throat throttling on "The Separation Between" and the marathon noise and skree of the thrash-lined "Intravenous Genius." Goodness gracious, these kids are pissed. The D.C. hardcore vibe has rubbed off on more than America Is Waiting's chaotic riffs. These boys practice dissent in motion, and it sounds like America's tired of waiting.


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