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By Matt Dentler, September 23, 2005, Music

The Bravery


If fans of the Killers are awaiting a B-sides compilation, they need only pick up the debut from a less-threatening gang of nu-wave rockers: NYC's the Bravery. Not just for the similar, goth-inflected atmospheres, but also because the best Bravery song would make a so-so Killers bonus track. Singer-songwriter Sam Endicott tries his damndest to make his crew the rightful evolution of Joy Division and New Order, but there aren't enough reliable hooks to make it happen. "Tyrant" and "Public Service Announcement" are full of capable but unoriginal synthesizer arrangements. A killer tune like single "An Honest Mistake" loses its focus by shooting for the hip. Too bad the hip already has plenty of acts. Thanks to one true standout, a fierce anthem called "Swollen Summer," the Bravery shows frustrating potential as both hit-makers and a fun live act. The song is a real fist-pumper, destined for constant rotation on your stereo. The entire album, however, will not see a similar fate. (Sunday, 3:30pm, AMD stage)


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