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Reviewed by Robert Gabriel, March 18, 2005, Music


Raydoncong (Cold Crush)

Beginning with the fuzzy warm, Stereolab plush no-wave jumble funk of "BBG-9298," Mahjongg scatters nitrous-addled allusions of Jah Wobble producing an ESG loft party gone wacky. The chorus to "Vaxination" pairs sexually ambiguous Human League interplay with dissonant side-effects grating about the wavy Pavement. As the hard drum break, Devo bass, and synth magic of "Blivable doggiiieeee" are devoured by jangly Fripp-inspired guitar funk, "Theggg" bites right into Fugazi's meat locker with the proclamation that "woman is the president of the universe." Stomping lockstep to the Big Beat dynamics of "Hot Lava," Mahjongg consumes itself with the surreal task of shearing electric sheep. "This is not far from over, there's mud in our blood" becomes the mantra as collectively confused attention spans cope with fragments of sensory overload. Chicago hipsters with rambunctious processors booted-up and ready to experiment on the many shades of swank, the fivepiece paints Ultra Vivid scenery on "Cottun" and "Felicity" as electric blips inform the need for a "new paint brush." What the spattered spray of Raydoncong lacks in focused quintessence it makes up for with an abundance of flippant style from its endless coffers of past pop references. (Thursday, March 17, 1am @ Whisky Bar)


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