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Reviewed by Jim Caligiuri, September 17, 2004, Music

My Morning Jacket

Acoustic Citsuoca (ATO) Those who have experienced My Morning Jacket in person will agree that they're easily one of the great live rock bands of this young century. While last year's It Still Moves was a step closer to that greatness, the Kentucky clan still hasn't captured the power and glory they create onstage in the studio. While Acoustic Citsuoca (a palindrome) was recorded live, by it's very nature it's still not the balls-out, hair-flying, Crazy-Horse-meets-Pink-Floyd-and-a-thousand-other-bands-all-at-once-with-a-Southern-twang MMJ becomes onstage. It's a solid, albeit at five songs, too brief introduction to bandleader, singer, and songwriter Jim James, whose overreverbed vocals, poetic lyrics, and gorgeous melodies are on display in abundance. Highlights include the evocative stoner country rock of "Sooner," "Bermuda Highway," a Nick Drake-inspired folk weeper, and the stunning beauty summoned by "Golden." For those looking for a place to start with this band, this just might be it. For My Morning Jacket, Acoustic Citsuoca is like a knowing glance that passes all too quickly yet speaks with all the weight of the world. (Saturday, 6pm, Bank of America stage)


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