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By Christopher Gray, December 12, 2003, Music

Jupiter in Retrograde

It may be the end of Jupiter Records as Austin knows it, but the Enright brothers feel fine. That's because they've cooked up a plan to increase the scope of the locally geared store: Move it online. "The goal is to bring Austin music to the world," says Jason Enright. He and brother Ryan will start by reconfiguring into a sort of clearinghouse for local music; Jason says he hopes to have the site up by the end of the year, with more than 100 Austin acts on board. This means the demise of the brothers' Hancock Center store, but not before this weekend's "25 Bands in 25 Hours" in-store marathon marking its five-year anniversary. "I think we're perfectly positioned to do this," says Jason, who plans to continue staging live events after the store closes Christmas Eve. "People could see it as a negative change, but it certainly doesn't have to be."

25 Bands in 25 Hours


7pm: Ethan Azarian

8pm: The Matt Hubbard Band

9pm: Jeff Johnston & friends

10pm: Mark D. (ex-Melvins bassist)

11pm: Darin Murphy


12mid: Craig Marshall

1am: Carolyn Wonderland

2am: Superego All-Stars

3am: Eggbo

4am: The MDC

5am: Rebecca Gatchell

6am: Mari and Jacob

7am: Gays in the Military

8am: TBA

9am: Kazki

10am: Jonny Meyers (Stingers)

11am: Slowtrain

12pm: Gnappy

1pm: Echobase Soundsystem

2pm: God Drives a Galaxy

3pm: Ainjel Emme

4pm: Sheridan

5pm: Kacy Crowley

6pm: Wayne's Donkey

7pm: Oliver Future

8pm: Jeff Klein

Free beer, coffee, and doughnuts will be available at the appropriate times. No cover.

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