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Reviewed by Jerry Renshaw, September 12, 2003, Music

Cave Catt Sammy

Whiskey and the Devil (Rubric) Cave Catt Sammy is a group of four fresh fellows originally from San Antone, whose rootsabilly keeps getting better and better. Their fourth disc, Whiskey and the Devil, is no exception. What's lacking is conviction. There are moments of rock, sure; Jerry Reed's nasty "Your Money Makes You Purty" and the original "Down at the Quarthouse" both sound off loud and clear. "The Nautilus" is a Merle Travis-style instrumental that would make most guitar players shake their heads in despair, while "The C-Jack Jump" is a swing instro showing off seamless sax-guitar interplay. Still ... the Fifties-style "Right Around the Corner" and Roy Orbison's "Cast Iron Arm" are just begging to rock the joint, thirsting for more swagger and attitude. Instead, both are far too mannered and pleasant coming from boys that ought to be turning those amps up and whacking their guitars silly. Musicianship is great, Cave Catt having chops to burn, but sometimes, there's no substitute for balls.


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