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By Christopher Gray, August 29, 2003, Music

On the List

Anyone still mourning the loss of Sound Exchange -- and who isn't? -- take heart: A small part of the beloved Dragbound record store lives on the Web. Specifically, it's the Austin Show List, the club-listings zine once available free in Sound Exchange's front window, which UT computer science student Dan Machold has resurrected online at "Basically, I missed it," says Machold, who's been getting advice from previous List publisher Mark Grady. "I found it a valuable resource, especially in reference to what shows are coming up in the future," continues Machold. "Most club ads in the Chronicle are only for that week." As before, the List focuses mainly on punk, garage, and indie shows, and Machold hopes to update it a couple of times a week. "I wanted to get it going before I got caught up with school," he says.

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